As Türkiye İMSAD, for the 9th time, we are coming together with all of our stakeholders in the ‘International Quality in Construction Summit’, one of the biggest events in the sector.

In this century; technology, innovation, logistic, R&D and human factors which have been substituted for the keystones of productivity, namely the concepts such as cost, speed and profitability, are considered as the most important parameters of an effective competitive environment. Just like all the other sectors, productivity in construction sector is also centred on digital transformation and human factor because traditional methods are the most easily predictable codes of the future. The new world is taking firm steps towards the future by combining the design, programming, controlling and managing capabilities of the humans with the speed, low costs, environment-friendly approaches, performance, resource savings, elasticity of production and optimum efficiency of the digital world, all coded by the cooperation of digitalisation and humans.

In a world where new technologies are developing every second, construction sector uses Industry 4.0 for quickly monitoring the operational transactions with cyber and physical systems, makes, develops and modifies a virtual model of the physical world, collects and analyses all data, saves the decisions from being dependent on a single centre and enables the entire sector to operate with optimum efficiency.

The undeniable reality of the digital change and its gains is now one of the essentials of the construction sector. Our sector must totally accept that the correct use of human mind is a much more efficient system based on brain power rather than physical power.

In other words, the main lines of competition in the construction sector are now digital transformation, management approach and transformation of employees. This is the reason why we have chosen the theme of our 9th summit as “The Codes of Competition: Digitalization & Man”. We will be coming together in Istanbul on 2019 in order to add the greatest value to our stakeholders, define correct strategies in the competitive environment to prevent unfair competition and ensure unity and thus shed light on the ways leading to a healthier economic growth.

Looking forward to seeing you in the 9th International Quality in Construction Summit, which is anticipated by the construction materials industry and construction sector being one of the most important sectors in Turkey…

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