Chairman's Message

Considered as one of the biggest events of the construction industry, the “International Quality in Construction Summit” will be held for the 10th time this year under the leadership of Türkiye İMSAD and with its valuable working partners. 

The construction material industry, with its innovation capacity, energy efficiency, nanotechnology strategies, water saving, waste management, regional development, organizational structuring and green growth concepts, has become an important link in sustainable development. Our industry makes a very important contribution to the general economic growth of our country with its intense relations, cooperation and interaction with the other links of the chain.

Today, performance-based construction and the right choice of materials are required rather than traditional construction and materials. Therefore, we should attach utmost importance to R&D activities from energy efficiency to waste management, from earthquake resistance to environmental planning. The most important thing is that the right material is made in the right place with the right project and in the right hands; we must make sure of the documented journey of the documented materials

As Turkish construction material industrialists, we are aware of the need to continue to develop innovative products in order to meet the need for sustainable construction materials in our country, while aiming for an energy efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative production. We pursue all companies operating in our sector to support sustainable development since we believe that innovation and sustainability will shape the future. 

35% of the total energy in our country is consumed in housing and services, and 34% in industry. On the other hand, today the construction industry uses 16% of water resources. 23% of air pollution, 50% of greenhouse gas emmisions, 40% of water pollution and 40% of solid waste in cities are environmental problems caused by buildings. As the industry, we are working hard on how we can make improvements in such a scene. 

While great changes are taking place all over the world, both our country and industry feel the positive and negative effects of this. The only way to reverse the negative effects is to invest in the future, giving more importance to medium and long-term projects rather than short-term projects, to grasp the basis of being sustainable; to foresee future conditions, to prepare for these conditions with high will and determination. As Türkiye IMSAD we aim to support developing energy efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative products and programs, to meet the current and future needs of our country in the most ideal way, to carry out our export potential to our geography and 5 continents with sustainable discipline, thus increasing our contribution to our country day by day. 

The goal of a sustainable world is now seen by everyone as one of the most important items on the agenda. But we know that we have a long road ahead of us in terms of things to do… Nevertheless, in the light of technological developments, our current potential, combined with smart investments, creative and new ideas, gives us hope for the future.

Our goal at this year’s summit is to shape our sector with a new industry and trade approach within the framework of circular economy, responsible production and consumption in construction, innovative industry, sustainable energy management, smart investments, creative, new ideas and technological innovations. In this context, we have determined the theme of the 10th International Quality in Construction Summit as “Sustainable Future”. We are looking forward to meet at Hilton Maslak Istanbul on November 3, 2022 in order to provide the highest added value to our stakeholders, to determine the right strategies and to illuminate the route of sustainable growth…

Tayfun Küçükoğlu 
Türkiye İMSAD Chairman